Dynamic Content Multiplicationat the Betfred british masters

Welcome to the new age of in-broadcast advertising. 
Dynamic Content Multiplication ("DCM®") is a cutting edge technology that will open up new revenue streams by providing additional sponsorship inventory on different feeds in different regions - all at the same time.

DCM® shares many of the same attributes as virtual advertising, with a few key differentiators: 

The human eye only sees the venue feed, so the in-venue experience remains the same for the fans in the stadium.  However, we are able send four independent parallel feeds all at the same time - unlocking new levels of sponsorship revenue.

DCM® is called the “Parallel Solution” because there are no pop-ups or post-processing necessary.  The content is directly captured by standard broadcast cameras and broadcasted immediately via the uplink.

Many established broadcasting cameras can already support DCM® without tampering with the cameras onsite.  Unlike virtual, the parallel DCM® feeds can be viewed on all camera angles, and will be included on slow-motion shots and highlights!

Below a few examples from the Betfred British Masters 2019, a European Tour tournament, where TGI debuted DCM® Technology in cooperation with AGS.

“TGI SPORT are the world leaders with perimeter LED technology but their 360 digital transformation platforms have enabled us to embark on an exciting new chapter in a challenging Golf environment.  ... The efficient production technique presented by DCM® is ground-breaking and we are delighted to be working with TGI SPORT on bringing this innovation as a world first for sport and Golf.” 

Michael Cole, CTO European Tour

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